Secure A Tank - Fix The Gap Review

7:05 PM

Disclaimer: I received this product free in exchange for review. All opinions are my own.

It happens. We may not talk about it in public, but we all have had to deal with this issue. What Issue you may ask? Well how about that pesky issue we have where we have that gaping space between our toilet and our wall. Then when your outspoken family member comes over, he sits on your toilet and the next thing you know , he is telling everyone how your toilet moved when he sit down and thast you need a new toilet or need to get someone else to do your handyman jobs because you sure didn't do it right.

Secure A Tank - Fix The Gap  takes care of that issue and more. Designed to prevent leaks and damage caused by the gap between the toilet tank and wall, Secure-A-Tank is a fully adjustable brace which secures the toilet by bracing the gap.  Secure-A-Tank can be cut to size so that it fits the gap to enhance stability and support.  The extension and clip pieces are quick to assemble, and the brace is easy to install on the back edge of the tank.  The lid fits over the clips and hides the already clear Secure-A-Tank braces

We have had issues with our tank shifting for a couple of years and amazingly enough when I was offered a chance to review this, my husband was all for it because he said he had actually been looking for something like this for all 3 of our bathrooms. 

Prevents Toilet Tank Movement and Leaks
Prevents Wall Damage
DIY Easy Install- VERY easy to install, especially when your have the hubby do it while you sit back and watch  
Cheap Insurance Policy- Much cheaper than fixing a hole in the wall or replacing a tank or entire toilet
Protects Your Investment- Let's Face it, A toilet is an investment, one that we cannot do without and one that doesn't necessarily come cheap either.   

Secure-A-Tank is a great product and very inexpensive yet saves you a ton of money in the long run. You can purchase these in either a two pack or a four pack on Amazon and also has free two day prime shipping.

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