Tax Day is Fast Approaching: Never fear , TaxAct is here for you!

12:32 PM

Disclaimer: I received compensation for this post but all opinions are my own.

We all know what time it is...Tax Time! That dreaded day we all hate each year, April 15th. I am still holding out it seems. Every year I always wait until the last minute to file my taxes. That's why this year I am happy that I can head over to and do my one stop shopping. 

Did you know TaxAct really is one stop shopping when it comes to taxes? You can take care of your Federal and State taxes with the click of a mouse at TaxAct. Not only can you do it all in one spot, I have found TaxAct to be one of the most affordable places to E-File

TaxAct also participates in Federal Free File for those who qualify. If you do not qualify for Federal Free File the options they have for you are amazing and super affordable. You can choose to do both Federal and State in the Ultimate Package which is the lowest price I have seen or if you only need to do federal, they have that option for you as well at a great price, which covers everything for you in one price.

I normally do my Mom's taxes every year but this year I decided to have her help do them so that she could see how easy it was. We used TaxAct because I had personally used it for a few years myself. It was so easy that after the first few questions, she was able to finish it herself. TaxAct walks you through your taxes step by step with simple questions. 

As you go through the process of doing your taxes through TaxAct, it also gives you the options to add your State tax information. State taxes can also be filed through TaxAct and it's such a simple process . Why go through the whole shebang twice or more just to file all your taxes when you can use TaxAct It's great that you only need to answer a few extra questions when doing State taxes and Federal at the same time with TaxAct.

Do you need to itemize? No need to worry and get frustrated because TaxAct will also walk you through each and every thing you need to itemize. It also gives you all the options available to you. 

TaxAct really is the simplest and the most affordable site to do your taxes. It gives you the options on how to receive your refund if you are due a refund or how to pay if you owe. I also love the fact that I can print a copy of my return at any time and save a copy to my computer as well. This year I was able to simply look at my file on my computer from last  year and get started on my taxes earlier today.  Oh, did I mention, you also can stop and come back to finish your taxes at any time on TaxAct. I have had several things come up today and have been back and forth trying to finish my taxes on TaxAct. I finally decided that for me, the best time to finish the will be after everyone is in bed tonight. That's another plus...If you want to do your taxes at 3 am, you can simply turn on your computer and head over to TaxAct and get them done while the house is quiet and you don't even have to deal with other people asking questions or getting impatient.

TaxAct is not only affordable but convenient. That's the thing that brings me back to TaxAct each and every year. We all know that tax season can make anyone stressed, including those who prepare your taxes, and as much as I hate to admit it, I would much rather deal with answering questions on the computer than waiting for a tax preparer to help me, and sometimes even when they are helping, well let's face it, they have already had to deal with 50 other people rushing to get taxes done that day so they may not be the most pleasant to work with, especially this close to Tax Day.

So if you are stressing because the big day is looming on the horizon, never fear because TaxAct has you covered.

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