Watermelon frog : DIY Home Party Fun

9:00 AM

This little fruit tray is adorable and such a hit. My husband did all the carving,I am not good at carving anything.
 We were asked to bring the fruit tray for our Easter celebration with family. We looked around for some fun ideas. We found a frog done with a Cantaloupe but our store didn't have big enough Cantaloupes.

 So we landed on a good size Watermelon and went with it.  My husband started out with just cutting the opening for the mouth.He then took a melon baller and cleaned out the watermelon. With the piece that he cut out He made the legs and feet and eyes.

 He attached all pieces with tooth picks. The eyes  he just took some skin off to make a outline. He then took a blueberry and made it the eyeballs. Instead of putting all fruit inside frog he put the watermelon back in the mouth and displayed the rest around it.

 I loved it and now he has to do something like this every-time.  It was cute to look at and a conversations starter. It also didn't take too long either.

Stay tuned for more fun Spring & Summer Party ideas and check back through the blog for other fun DIY Party ideas and crafts as well as recipes.

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