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9:19 AM

Good Morning my awesome readers!

I wanted to start today off by inviting  you in to one of the largest review groups for Amazon products.

What is a review group?

My group , which Sherry helps with, is called Top Quality Reviewers. Normally I only allow people in who have 3-5 verified reviews already on Amazon, however, I have decided to do something no other group does and that is invite people in who have never been product reviewers before. My only thing is you must have Amazon Prime. If you do not have Prime but want to try it free for 30 days and give my group a try to see if you love reviewing new product, here is a link to try Prime free for 30 days

Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

Once you have Prime, you can request to join my group here:

Testing products can be fun and rewarding. We have everything from Infused Water Bottles, grill Brushes to Essential Oil Diffusers. Products range from free to a few dollars and you can choose which products you want to review.

Once I approve you to join, please read the pinned post at the top of the group page and feel free to message me with any questions and I will teach you how to do everything.  Another great deal is that with Prime you can share with Family members and keep your cost down. You will have free access for 30 days which will give you a chance to see if you like being a product reviewer, after that you can simply cancel if you are no longer interested.

Happy Day!

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