Art Party

12:38 PM

My daughter turned 10 this month and I had a blast planning and seeing this party through. I started with a art palette I decorated for the door. I simply took an art palette  and used scrap book stickers for words and put paint where I wanted and let dry. Very simple project to make a great entrance to the party.   

hen the decorating of the eating and presents area.  For the table I decorated with chalk board place mats, a chalk board table runner and art palettes.  The drinks went in to milk jugs that I made labels that said  creative juices. The art palettes were used for sprinkles so they could decorate their own master piece cupcakes instead of a cake. Then the most awesome part for the kids of course is the goody bags. My goody's would not all fit in a bag or a box. The gumball machines  where the paint spills out was a major hit. Inside the boxes were chalk to go with the place mats , paint brush suckers,colored pencils,mini notebooks . I made the notebooks out of paper and paint swatches.
                                                                  Outside on the porch is where we did our paintings and face paint. I used a washable reusable banner which I love. I let the party guest help write happy birthday on it.  Then the girls did a painting of a frog . The kids all thought that the theme was great and had so much fun. They loved coloring on the place mats and the table runner. The parents kept asking where everything came from and telling me I am setting the bar too high lol. I just told them I love throwing parties and have a great time making a theme come together. The fact that I got 90% of it from one place was a blessing and I could really focus on theme and other party details instead of worrying what was coming from where.The whole party was absolutely amazing and I am still getting comments and calls on it. Thanks so much for the decorations,party goods etc goes to chasing fireflies. My daughter had the best birthday party ever . At least that is what she keeps saying. Her very pretty party dress also came from Chasing fireflies. I loved how the dress fit true to size and fit our theme perfectly.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          I received one or more items free in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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