Summer Fun With Seedlings

3:03 PM

The kids are out of school for the summer. I am sure you have heard the "mom I am bored" a few times. How about some nice easy fun crafts for you to do with the kids. I know we all want them outside as much as possible but sometimes it isn't feasible. Here we have had a lot of rain so indoor activities it has been.   My kids both love to craft. We have a whole supply of fun things. We use our imagination and create. I also enjoy inclusive kits. On a day my kids were board I took out 3 new projects to do . The first one was a treasure chest . My daughter was thrilled because it was a mermaid chest.  My daughter got started right away chipping away to find the treasure. She found 17 pearls all together and was able to string together in a wonderful bracelet. She wants to have a mermaid party now this is a fun activity and would be a blast for several girls and a great party favor.

Next we moved on to my favorite and that is butterfly wings. The wings are big and are able to be colored. It comes with glitter and fabric markers. We decided to a rainbow butterfly. The wings are beautifully designed and great quality easy to color and decorate. Be sure to cover your work space in newspaper the markers do leak thru.  They turned out great and we love prancing around with them on .   We then decided we would make the masks. Everything came fast and was pretty easy to assemble. We had blast with them all. They made for great family time and great summer activities not on electronics. I cant wait to do more crafts from seedlings as they were very good quality and fun for both my kids age 10 and 13.

Staff blogger Sarah s

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