Colored Foam Sensory Play

8:00 AM

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                                                           Colored Foam Sensory Play

As some of you know I work with special needs children on the Autism spectrum. All my students are preschool age.  I love to experiment with sensory play.  This is my New favorite activity and wish it would stay much longer then it did.  My only suggestion is to do this right before you want to play. This works for all kids and adults.  This project is really simple and only need a few things. We had this table set up for us. You can use any type of container.  

Items needed

-Mixer ( I used my stand mixer)
-Dish soap
-1/4 cup water
-Corn starch (optional I found it keeps the foam longer)  
-Liquid water colors  ( I used crayola bath tablets)  Do not use food coloring it will stain )

Step 1
Put 2 tablespoons of dish soap and 1/4 cup water in mixer. 
Step 2
Mix till soft peaks form. Add a bit of corn starch to make bubbles last longer
Step 3 
Repeat for however many colors you would like or to fill container. 
Step 4

We had an absolute blast with this.  We hid small toys in the foam.  We also used bath toys and and sand toys to play in it.  I also found if the bubbles were going away I could whip with a hand mixer to continue play. This was a total win, so easy and fun. 

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