Sta-put Deluxe Suv Cargo Liner Review

9:30 AM

Have you ever wondered how to keep the back of your SUV clean and your dog comfortable?  The Sta-Put deluxe Suv Cargo liner is your solution.  This stain resistant lined cargo mat is perfect when traveling with your furry friends.  It is built with a tough quilted microfiber cloth that is sure to hold up to the roughest dogs.  It has a stain blocking liner to prevent those puppy "oops" moments from wrecking your car.  It comes with Velcro attachments to help keep it in place as well.

We put it in the back of our Dodge Journey.  The fit was not perfect as it was a bit bigger than our cargo area, however it still fit pretty well.  As you can see from the pictures I just put it up the sides to protect the trim in the car.  The microfiber cloth is nice and soft to touch.  It also has a nice amount of padding to it as well which is nice for the dog to lay on.  It is much more comfortable than our rubber cargo liner for her.  Once we got going our dog settled right in and seemed to enjoy the cargo liner.  She even managed to fall asleep for part of the ride (she is usually nervous in the car).

As for removing it when the dog is not in the car that was very easy.  Just fold it up and go.  It is machine washable and seemed to wash just fine after we spent a weekend in northern Michigan with the dog in and out of the car as we explored.  Over all this is a great product to bring comfort and functionality to your four legged friends ride in your suv.
We also have found that this makes a great picnic blanket as well because of the lining on the bottom and the soft feel on the top.  We have enjoyed it at outdoor concerts as well as our neighborhood picnic.  This is a great product and I would recommend it for all SUV owners. 

Staff Blogger Sarah
I received one or more items free in exchange for a honest review. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

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