Slackers Zip Line Review

10:00 AM

Slackers Zipline 100’ Night Riderz with LED Seat

Slackers is bringing the enjoyment of zipline tours to your back yard with This awesome 100’ illuminated zipline kit.  This kit provides 95’ of steel cable, 5’ sling for other end, turnbuckle, LED Seat rope lights and Trolley lights.  This is everything you need to get started except for a platform to stand on as you will need to make sure your start is about 14 feet off the ground.

Installation was relatively straight forward.  You start with the cable at the turnbuckle end.  You wrap the cable around the starting tree and attach to the turnbuckle. This for us meant getting up into the tree about 14 feet.  You then run your zipline cable from the other end of the turnbuckle to your end point which should be about 2 feet taller than the tallest rider.  For us that was about 8 feet off the ground.  You wrap the tree and bring the cable back around securing with three U bolts.  This turned out to be the most difficult part of the installation.  The goal here is to get a reasonable amount of tension on the cable before tightening the U bolts down.  It took 2 of us about 15 minutes to complete this step.  Most of the install can be done with one person though a second is necessary for attaching it to your end points.  You then tension the cable using the Turnbuckle at the start.  It took 2-3 rides to get the right tension on the zipline.  Once the zipline was set up we used a ladder and a small wood platform to ride the zipline.  This worked great for us.  Other suggestions are a ladder style tree stand.  We then hop on and let it rip. 
The zipline comes with a very cool LED light up seat and clip on light for the tram.  It is very colorful and very bright.  This allows your fun to continue well into the night.  We set our zipline up through the woods so one of the keys for us making it safe was to ensure the route was clear of debris.  
Once set up the we had an absolute blast on the zipline.  It is a very smooth ride and lots of fun.  It does not seem like it is going to go that fast when you look at it but once you hop it feels like you are going fast.  The kids had a ton of fun riding it for almost 3 hours on after we first set it up.  We then took a break for dinner and came out as night time set in.  We turned on all the lights and continued our fun till campfire time. 
Remember when buying to survey where you want to set your zipline up to ensure you have a good start and end point that are the right distance apart.  Also Make sure you are set up in an area that is debris free.  This will make it safe and enjoyable.  Keep in mind also to plan for some sort of platform to launch off of.

This is a wonderful product to have.  It is very fun and offers tons of excitement.

Staff Blogger Sarah

I received this in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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