Flight Joy Carrier Review

7:33 AM

Have you ever traveled with a baby?  We as parents know that  with a baby comes all of their stuff. More stuff then you ever imagined has to be packed and taken everywhere you go. I have seen plenty of parents in the airport struggling with baby, and luggage, and baby's car seat. I have something that will help with traveling with baby and their car seat.  Flight joy is a little pouch. When you unzip  it becomes a big bag with straps. You put your car seat  inside and wear like a back pack. It keeps your arms free to hold baby and tickets etc. The car seat is secure in the bag and helps you to travel  with everything needed. When you are al done with the Flight joy you just put it back in it's pouch. Turn the bag inside out and stuff it in and zip  pretty easy even for me.

Staff Blogger Sarah S

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