Has Gofundme's gone too far? Are you entitled? Do your kids work for things they want?

10:50 AM

We all probably find ourselves in a spot at some time or another where we wish we could buy something but we just cannot afford it. Maybe you have been dreaming of that Tropical vacation? Why not start a Gofundme you think..maybe you want a new purse, why not start a Gofundme for that.

Gofundme is an excellent concept for those who truly need help or even other circumstances. If a couple is getting married and people would rather give them a cash gift,. then Gofundme is an excellent choice for that, but no need to share it publicly on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and everywhere else. You can set up a page just for your wedding invitees and share it there..I can bet that you did not invite everyone on your Facebook to your wedding, so why would we all want to give you our hard earned money? Maybe we will ask you for it..then you can share with us, but shoving it down everyone's throat on a daily basis really gets old.

You had a big wedding planned, things fell through and you can no longer afford that big wedding and will probably lose money on deposits..start calling everywhere to see if you can get a refund on some of those deposits and use that money to have a small intimate ceremony with a minister and your immediate family, explain to everyone else that you just cannot afford the large wedding you had planned..people will get it, they really will. Don't go begging asking people to help pay for your wedding ..bad taste..just plain annoying and a wasted Gofundme page. Sure, you can set up a Gofundme for any reason, it's your choice, that is if you want to be seen as a money grubbing person who wants other people to pay for your luxuries. Yes, a big wedding is a luxury. You can still be married "In the eyes of God" in a small, cost less, intimate ceremony. It may not be the big, thousands of dollar wedding you wanted, but isn't it about the day, the people, and you spending the rest of your life with the one you love?

Granted, I looked through Gofundme and found some amazing causes, and you can set up a page for anything really, nothing is exempt.  I am however, amazed at the sheer amount of people who are perfectly able to work and say they just cannot find a job. Do you see flipping burgers as beneath you ? Personally I would move land and water to meet my families needs before I ask for help. I am physically unable to really work, but you are darn straight I would find a way to do whatever I could before I ask for help. I would flip burgers, even if I ended up in bed , in pain all night every-night before I let my kids go without.

I am not saying that all Gofundme's are bad. I do however, question what we are teaching our kids by asking for handout for everything from a first car, yes, A few  teenagers are  asking for help with a first car and some have  raised money, but, what happened to kids working for their first car? Responsibility? I saw others where teenagers were asking for money to pay insurance on their car's..again, what are we teaching or children when they start asking for handouts instead of earning money themselves?

My kids really want a Disney trip, heck they even deserve it, they have been warriors since my illness and Brain surgery, and we had hoped to take them last October, but it didn't happen because life and bills come first, and my health wasn't and is not the greatest still. So we are hoping for 2016..should I start a Gofundme? I guess honestly I would simply be embarrassed to ask perfect strangers for help unless I was going to be homeless or I absolutely needed help for my children, health issues, etc. I cold not let my children ask random strangers for help to buy their first car. I want my children to grow and learn responsibility and work hard for the things they want in life.

Are we giving our kids and even adults, a sense of entitlement that those of us who work hard should give our money to others for things that they want but don't need? Why would you want to give your hard earned money away for someone else's new car or trip to an amusement park?

It seems every-time I open up Facebook I see post after post of people asking for money for everything you can think of, some are true needs, others are just like okay, why would I give you my money? Sure, I don't have to read it, I don't have to give money, but why should I have to see it? If you are asking for things such as cars, trips, etc..then make a page, invite people, and share your link there, don't ask people you hardly speak to for money..it's just a step below begging. Sure, we all get in a jam, and those situations are understandable, but I don't want to see you begging for money for a tropical vacation when I can't afford one myself. If I can't afford it, I save for it, I may only save my change and it may take a few years.

Save my relationship was another I saw on Gofundme..actually a few of them like that. You need money for paying bills because owing all that money is killing your relationship. Really? That is not what is killing your relationship, communicate, budget, figure it out, do not ask strangers to help pay your bills while you sit on your butt and do not work and say because you can't get childcare. Your Spouse can work one shift and you can work another. Will it mean less time together? Yes, but it may actually "Save" your relationship more than asking for money will.  Your spouse might actually see that you are also willing to put in the time and effort of paying bills rather than sit at home begging others to pay them for you.

Car accident, house fire, medical issues, homeless, etc..by all means, share your story, you have a real cause, but if you simply want luxuries in life, why not ask only those you know want to help and who have said hey, I will help pay for that new Coach purse you want. If that Coach purse will make you happy for a few months, then by all means. You know what wold make me happy? To see people actually take responsibility for themselves and the things that are simply "wants" in life instead of expecting and feeling entitled.

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