New Year, New You?

7:00 AM

The holidays are over and the New year is here, now what?  Do you have a resolution that you don't want to break?  Do you have big plans for this year?  Believe it or not, I am ready to continue my resolution from 2015. I started  in March of 2015 on my weight loss journey.  I am doing very well with it.  I have already met some of the goals I had.  This year I will continue that journey.  I also plan to work on being the best me I can.  I don't really want to set a resolution that I will break in days or weeks. I want to set goals and reach them.  Instead of a new years resolution, I am setting New Years goals.  I hope my many little goals will help to obtain my one big goal, to become a better me.

These are just a few of the things I want to accomplish this year:

  • To be a better writer
  • To find you better deals
  • Continue my weight loss journey 
  • Run a race at  Disney
  • Be a better wife
  • Be a better parent
  • Be a better me

I am starting out the New year with many goals,  By 2017 I want to be me 2.0!.     What about you?

Staff blogger Sarah
Long way to go ,but have came so far.

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