Easy Planter Craft

9:58 AM

      These are so fun and easy to make.and the possibilities are endless.   I have seen candy dishes made from flower pots before. I decided to try my hand at making some.  I started out with 6 inch terra cotta pots,and the bottoms. I also purchased 5.6 inch glass bowls.   When I got home my wheels were turning and I had so many ideas.    We are going to Disney for the first time soon and the kids want to earn money . So I thought I could make banks,and a Disney bucks chore chart.Then after Disney the kids can have their own candy bowls.        For my daughter I decided on Minnie, and for my son I went with r2d2.       I started with the pots and painted them the base color. You might need a couple coats depending on the desired look .  After all design is on base and dried Hot glue the bowl to base. I put hot glue on base and bottom of bowl to get a good hold.  I then painted the bottoms and made them the lids of the bowls.   For Minnie I  painted two wooden disc black. I cut a angled slit in the circles to sit on the lid. I then put a coat of  black chalkboard paint on the ears.  I wrote a countdown to our trip with a chalkboard marker,and then hot glued the circles to the lid.  For me I decided to paint around the circles to cover up hot glue.  To finish up Minnie I used some ribbon to make a bow.     The kids love them.  I hope you do to. I will be making more of these I am thinking Easter,Halloween so many ideas.


1. Terra cotta pot  (I used 6 inch this time,but 4 inch would work with smaller bowl found at Dollar Tree

2. Paint

3. Glass bowl

4. base for the pots

5 any decorations needed for your design

Staff  blogger Sarah

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