Essure : Birth Control or Slow Killer?

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Due to the Graphic Nature of Pictures provided from the issues from Essure, I decided NOT to publish the pictures.

Maybe you have heard of it....Essure. The Birth Control that is permanent and suppose to be relatively symptom and side effect free. It sounded like exactly what I needed. I had issues when taking Birth Control Pills, I got pregnant on the Depo Shot and my IUD had to be surgically removed after 7 years ( It was a 10-12 year IUD at that time)

So when your Dr. talks about Essure and tells you how amazing it is and how it is non-surgical ( I was still put under at the Hospital and was treated like a normal surgery with nothing to eat or drink after midnight, etc) Yet I was told that I could be back to normal that night or the next day.  I was never told about any other side effects, I was actually told that other than mild cramping during that time of the month , that I probably would never realize it was there.

I will be honest and say that in 2008, I was naive and assumed the Doctors would never put something inside of me that was not safe. My Dr told me it was fully approved by the FDA and that the studies all showed that no one had any major side effects . I was very healthy, so I thought this sounded great and my Doctor would never lead me astray, right?

So the next day, sure enough I was up like normal, and although I actually had cramps for several months after and my cramps during my period became horrible , yet my period only lasted about 3 days. I assumed it was all okay. I went in for my follow up and was told my dye test was great and that my tubes were fully blocked and my chance at pregnancy were only a 0.001 % or really Nil he said, because my tubes were fully blocked.  The Coils inserted were Nickel Titanium Alloy. I was told there was not enough Nickel in them to hurt me, I would not set off Metal detectors, and I would be fine from there on out, minus the cramps of course.

Let's Skip ahead. ....This is now what I have to say to Bayer, and so do close to 30,00 other Women who have the same or some variation of these symptoms, which cannot be coincidence when we all have the exact same device.

Dear Bayer,

I am writing to you today to say Thank you. Thank you for essentially taking away the past 7 years of my life. During those 7 years, I missed a few school events, but regardless of how much pain I was in, I tried to attend as many as possible. I was never fully "there" though and for days after attending just those small events that meant so very much to my children, I would suffer in agony with what became known as my " Unknown" illness.

Thank you for the countless hours I have spent in Doctor's office, seeing one Doctor after another because no one could ever figure out what was wrong with me, but Thankfully I had an amazing NP who believed me, who saw what was happening to me and kept pushing, month after month, test after test. Those countless hours spent in all those Doctor Offices and hospitals actually add up to months of my thank you Bayer.

You see, about a year after I had your wonderful device, Essure, implanted inside me , I began having so many Health issues. I had been healthy up until then, and it was like one morning, literally, I woke up and I was forever changed.   Oh, it started out small enough, I woke up with back pain so severe I made an appointment with a General Doctor and I had not had to make an appointment other than my yearly physical in over 10 years. Next came the headaches, no reason for them at first, nothing was found to be the cause, so it was explained away as sudden onset Migraines, until just a few years later they were so bad I could not move some days, only to find out I had developed a Brain Tumor.

Jump back..after the headaches came the constant pain in my left side, for no reason, not one test could find anything out of the ordinary, except those coils you made. Then the pain in my hip, how could a relatively healthy 35 year old suddenly have Hip problems? Again, no real reason except I suddenly, out of the blue, had swelling in my hip joint, unexplained, oh and now because of the swelling and everything that went with that, I will most likely have to have a Hip replacement in the near future. Oh and the Heart issues, thanks for that, I cannot say I enjoyed undergoing 2 cardiac Ablations and EP studies. Let's not forget the fungal type lesions or masses on my lungs that are more than someone who smoked for 50 years or worked in a Coal mine.   The CFS really has been hard on not only me, but my family. Did you ever stop to think about what you were really doing, what you were really taking from these women who had this inserted?

What about all those times my Vitamin D was so low it was dangerous? It wasn't that I was not getting enough sunlight or drinking enough milk, the cause was simply a mystery.  Opening night of the school play I missed that my son starred in, thanks Bayer, I was unable to be there because I was doubled over in unexplained pain in my right abdomen. So many days, I had to tell my special needs daughter, Sorry Meagan, Mommy doesn't feel good and we can't do that today.  It wasn't right that my daughter was having to help take care of her mommy..again, Thanks Bayer.

When your company put this on the market with little to no long term data, when your company " mistakenly" handed over the wrong data. Did any of you stop and think about anything more than the millions of dollars you would be making? What about when the first 500 complaints came in with serious side effects, did you sleep well those nights? When the first baby died from complications due to this device, did it haunt your dreams? I have to only assume that the answer is no, because each day you push more and more women toward this silent killer. Once the complaints became thousands, did any of you vote to simply stop making these coils and work toward another alternative, or at least consider pulling this device until you could find a better way, better materials, to use? I can see you now, sitting in your plush offices when the FDA decision came in last week, you were rejoicing over the millions more your company would now be able to keep making, again, from this silent killer.

Would you campaign for your Wife, your Sister, or how about your daughters, to have these coils inside their bodies? Just how many Women who work for you, how many women who are married to you and how many daughters between you, have this silent killer destroying their everyday lives? Let's keep moving forward on this, How many of those women that have this, that you know and love, suffer each day because you told them, Oh, Essure is safe? Do your wives cry in pain ? Do your daughters wonder why, at such a young age, they have back pain, pelvic pain, so much weight gain, Abdomen pain, teeth rotting, day after day pain? What do you say to them? After all, you made this device, you said it was safe, you took their lives in your hands with Essure. How does that make you feel when you pocket that next dollar?

I used to play Softball, I used to run and play Volleyball with my children, swim, spent so much time outdoors with them and enjoy every second I could of their childhood. I've missed the last 7 years of that.  Now I have a grandson, the sweetest 3 year old who constantly says " Pick me up Nana"...but Nana can't, because it hurts too bad. A spouse that although loves and understands, would love to hear me say " Yes honey, I would love to to go  to a movie tonight, instead of I'm sorry, I really don't feel very good tonight.

Stop and think. Lives have been ruined, lives have been lost. Those of us who are still dealing with this hell every day, wonder if we will ever get some part of normal back, we know we can never gain back those years of our lives that you took from us. You did you know. You took our lives from us, our livelihoods, our hopes, our dreams, our simple everyday things that you take for granted, you robbed us of those things.

So when you wake up tomorrow, think about all these things. Think about how every day that Essure continues on the market, is a day that many new Women will start living the hell that the rest of us have been living for years now. Think about how you would feel if that were your Wife or Daughter having this device and living with this hell. How can you say this is safe? How can you continue to pretend and play with the lives of Women ad children when you supposedly make drugs that save lives?


Another E-Sister who lives the daily hell.

The FDA took months ot decide on a ruling that Bayer could have  many more years to continue to ruin lives with this device. They gave Bayer 15 months to "start" a study that will last for years to monitor a few hundred women to see the side effects. Bayer already turned over falsified and missing data, so why do they get a chance to do it again? Why was an outside company not brought in to study all the women who have already been dealing with this? Why was this device simply not pulled from the market while this study is done? How many more Women have to be harmed before the FDA will take a real look?

Do you have Essure ? Have you had any of these symptoms since getting it implanted?

Problems including but not limited to:

 Pain, abnormal/heavy bleeding, fatigue, joint pains, headaches, hair loss, perforations, depression, migrations, allergic reactions, and adhesion's. Tooth decay and gum issues. Brain "fog" Leg Pain, Several of the problems can be an autoimmune reaction. Pregnancy and miscarriage are also reported, frequently.

Essure is specifically designed to produce a permanent and chronic inflammatory response. This can cause local and systemic autoimmune reactions.

Essure includes PET fibers that are listed as toxic and are generally prohibited from being permanently implanted in the body.

The adverse events listed for this device include device migration and allergy. The rate at which we are seeing these adverse events is incredible, and the severity of these events is extreme and sometimes life-threatening.

Can you believe that more than 27,000 Women have issues with this device, close to 16 % of all devices inserted to date have reported issues . That number is most likely much higher but Women never realize that the symptoms all relate to Essure. Women have had these coils break and travel all over their bodies. Preferate the Uterus, puncture the tubes.

If you are one of the Women who have been told this is a good option for, as fast as you can to find a new Doctor.

If you have Essure and want to find out more and talk with other Women. Join the Essure Problems Facebook group and connect with over 27,000 Women who have or had Essure . You will find every possible kind of information available and what resources are available to you.

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