Air Bud, now Pup Star...Why making memories with your kids is priceless.

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How much did you LOVE the Air Bud and Air Buddies movies? I, for one always adored them as did my kids and they still do even though they are not really what we as a society would call "kids" anymore, though they are my children.

You all know my history with that mighty mass of destruction in my Brain that attempted to destroy me these past 3 years ( Yes, Cancer matter what kind it is) , so now we are going to go back in time to a era where everything was Magical , where each new adventure was viewed through the eyes of a child.

Some of us remember a few of the first Famous Dogs that stole the hearts of children and adults alike when they first appeared on T.V. and the Big Screen. Lassie, Benji and who can forget, "Ole Yeller" as he was better known here in the South. I remember naming my first dog Benji who looked exactly like Benji from the show. Of course we had all kinds of Cartoon animals, but they just were not the same as the living, breathing, tail wagging creatures known as man's best friend.

Then along came Air Bud, who could play basketball better than most 6 foot tall humans could. Every child wanted their very own " Air Bud" as a best friend. I know my children sure did. My children adored and still adore, the Air Bud movies. A long time ago in a land far away, when things were just not so great, I was trying to find that happy medium to show my kids that all was still right in the world, that just because Mommy & Daddy no longer lived together didn't mean that we loved them any less.  It was also hard to explain to them why Mommy no longer lived in a house and we no longer could do some of the fun yet simple things like movies or bowling, that we had previously been able to do.

We are all grown up here, so I won't sugarcoat. Life was tough. I had married too young, and though I had graduated high school and managed some college, eventually raising a family came first and college was no longer and option. So when you find yourself a young twenty something single,divorced mom with 3 small children and no Education other than high school and what you have soaked up in books you read, life is tough. Jobs are minimal, food is scarce and extra's are nonexistent.  Finding myself in that situation, working 3 jobs to try to hang on, everything that made my kids smile was exactly what I was looking for in life. That's where Air Bud comes in. I bet you are thinking, okay, what can a Dog in a movie really have to do with being a single mom ?

My kids LOVED Air Bud. They had seen it once already several months prior to my divorce, so when it came out on video, I rented it again on one of the rare nights I was able to be home snuggled up in bed with all 3 kids for our Movie date night. It wasn't known as our Movie date night at that time, but it became that as time went on. Watching Air Bud again that night with my kids became magical. It was as if my children had never watched the movie previously and they had no idea what was coming up next in the plot.  Squeezed in tight in my full size bed with 3 kids, all snuggled and cuddled up, popcorn and sippy cups of milk, with this basketball playing dog, brought those smiles back to my kids faces and the light back in their eyes. Some may say it was spending time with me that caused that reaction, and I am sure it was, but that night was a turning point for my little family. I realized we were going to be okay. My kids could laugh again, they could smile and eat popcorn and fight over who was going to sleep closer to Mommy that night. Yes, we all 4 slept snug as bugs in a rug after watching Air Bud once and halfway through a second time.

It wasn't until months later that I realized that the Air Bud night became a special thing for my kids. We decided to watch the second Air Bud Movie which had already been released as well on VHS and we had the same experience as the first. We had other movie nights, but about once very 5-6 weeks, we had Air Bud Movie Date nights, and they were just special. When I could see my kids were really needing Mommy time, or they had a rough day or adjustment was still rearing it's head, it would call for Air Bud. Sure we started doing our movie date nights often and we continued to laugh and smile and have popcorn fights, but then one day, my kids saw a commercial. The new Air Bud Movie was coming out. My kids were all excited!! We had not once been to the movie theater since my divorce, and they didn't ask to go then. Kids are very instinctive you know. They were just over the moon excited and wanted to know that as soon as it came on video, we could rent it and watch it together again. When we picked out our movie to watch the next week for Movie date night, all they could talk about was how much they wished the new Air Bud movie was out so we could watch it like we used to watch the other one. Yes, that one night became like " we used to". The

. When that  movie was released on VHS, my kids wanted no other movie, even though there were others we could have chosen they had yet to see, they only wanted that one. On the way home from the video store, all they talked about once again was " like we used too with the other one". It hit me then, that as much as they love the Air Bud movies, and they did, they loved them even more when we watched them at home, in our tiny 2 bedroom apartment, all snuggled up in bed together. They had brought meaning to our little family movie nights. They were our family movie nights.

Imagine my surprise that from that point forward, all the new Air Bud movies were released directly to video instead of in theaters. Through the years as my kids got older and more Air Bud movies were released, no matter what activity they were  in to or what job I was working, the day a new Air Bud movie was released was our day. If it was a school night when it was released, we would get homework out of the way as soon as school was out, then head to the video store where we always had this reserved or if we were not able to reserve it and could not rent it, I always made sure to have enough money saved to be able to buy it.  Then  together we all make homemade pizza, then we would put blankets up over the windows to block the light, and start movie night early so that we could watch it once , maybe twice if we had enough time, and we always fell asleep all in my bed, even when they got older and it got very crowded, and 1 or 2 of them would end up in the floor beside my bed, Air Bud was one of the family and he was with us as soon as he possibly could be.

Now, Air Bud Entertainment is bringing us all another super-cute film, Pup Star. I can admit that I got all star struck because I got to meet Tiny. "gasp" You don't know who Tiny is? Tiny is only the biggest "Pup Star" to hit the big screen since Air Bud! Pup Star is not a spin off of Air Bud in case you are wondering, but it is made by Air Bud entertainment and trust me, it is just as cute, just as heart warming, as any Air Bud movie. Tiny will steal your heart..( and maybe run away with it if it smells like Milk Bone) . Do you watch the Voice? American Idol? Then you don't want to miss " Pup Star" where Tiny has a chance to get her big break. I wonder if she makes it big or will they have judges like Blake Shelton?

Pup Star will be your child's magical movie. You will see Pup Star through a child's eyes, the magical moment when reality fades and you get to live in a world of make believe and unicorns ( Or Puppy Dogs! ) . Watch your kids eye's light up and twinkle as they beg you to get them their own best friend named "Tiny" ..and grin and bare it when they try to make the hampster sing and dance when you tell them they are not old enough for a dog just yet. In select Theaters and Digital HD on August 30th..Why not make your own memories just as special as I made with my kids? Tiny and her friends truly are "Pup Stars" that will make your heart sing and your dogs dance!

Just an FYI, I was not paid in any form or fashion to promote Air Bud, Air Bud Entertainment or Pup Star. Everything written is simply my heartfelt words without any form of compensation and just to not less you miss the chance to see an amazing Memory making Movie.

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