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    I know Fitness and fun in the same statement  You probably think I am crazy. Well I am ,but not for this .  I have been on a healthy journey for a little over a year now. I have tried may different activities to loose weight.    By far my  favorite is Zumba. I get an incredible work out and burn many calories yet it is so fun. I don't feel like I am working out  until  its over.  To me it feels like dance class with a little extra.  Great music amazing atmosphere and  incredible  community family feel.   Of course each group you find will be a bit different and the instructors can make or break a class. So look around locally and find a good fit for you.       I have found mine at Skateland west in Westland Michigan.   This zumba group is made up of the most incredible people.  You have the instructors a husband and wife team that come up with amazing choreography, that burn a ton of calories.  If you are new or even veteran  don't worry about the choreography as long as you are moving you are burning calories. They say this every class you will learn don't worry. These instructors are always there before and after question no problem .They are friendly community oriented and fun, they even  throw in tone it up tuesday and themed parties to mix it up.  Theme parties are a blast we did 80's and are about to do a tutu party.

       At skate land  Len one of the instructors even does a blast class on Thursdays . That class is a real tough one ,but so good. You earn your muscles with planks,weights,etc.          Going to these classes has been fun ,but also very rewarding. They have been a huge part of my journey and my on going success. So far I am down 40 pounds and have strength and endurance I never knew I could have. These classes has helped so much I am a better runner because of it and feel like a much better me.   For all of you if you want to join me one night come on out. pagehttp://www.skatelandwestmi.com/zumbasched/#new-page      For those of you not local I highly recommend searching your area for a zumba class I can't  say enough how I enjoy what it has done for me . I can say I love this exercise never thought I would say that.

Staff blogger Sarah

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