Christmas Gift Guide : Coming Sooon ( Welcome to a Sneak Peak )

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Please keep in mind, this Holiday Gift Guide will not be live fully with brand names and full details and pictures until Dec 1, 2016 as well as the HGG Giveaway the same day.

Amazing foot Cushion!

Do you have someone on your list that is hard to buy for? Someone you just cannot purchase another pair of house-shoes or food basket for? Then this is the perfect gift for you to give them.

It's been a long day, you want to put your feet up and relax. What you need is this amazing cushion. I have back issues, hip issues, and old people kind of issues, and even if I didn't, this would still be what I gravitate toward at the end of every day, or even anytime I just want to relax. !

This is the perfect idea for elevating your feet, it literally feels like your feet are on a cloud.

Who do you know on your gift list that could use this? I know several on mine that would find this not only a great git but an actual useful one. We all know how tiresome a long day of working can be, so we all know someone who complains about how they just want to put their feet up and relax.

You can find this on Amazon HERE

Awesome Eye Mask 

This Eye Mask is great. I always have issues sleeping when any amount of light starts coming in. I have tried blackout curtains but they are just not my thing.

These are super soft and so easy to use. You can fold them up in the pouch and take them with you anywhere you need to go. They are great fro everyday use, travel ( especially on a plane , where we all know you see much more than we want to see at times) Hotels, Hospitals and more.

The material on these will not aggravate your skin at all. It is like taking the softest material ou can find and rubbing it on your skin. These are perfect for the price and would make a great gift for Teachers, Co-workers, Teenagers, or anyone on your list this year, even men!

I have several pair of these ot give away, so take a look at the Holiday Giveaway to make sure you get entered to win! 

You can find these on Amaozn HERE

Cast Iron Pizza Pan

I don't know about you, but Cast Iron is a staple in my home, as is Pizza, so pizza plus Cast Iron has to be perfect, right? Right! he side handles on this pan are one thing that makes this pan a great pan. It far surpasses any other round pan or pizza pan you have in your cabinets.

This Pan is absolutely a MUST HAVE! This is the perfect size for a Take & bake, Homemade or Frozen pizza and it helps the crust keep the perfect amount of crispiness to it without being soggy. I mean who likes soggy crust? 

Heavy Duty but not too heavy. This would make the perfect gift for almost anyone on your Gift list this year.

Bachelor? Busy Mom?  Single Dad? Stay at Home Parent? Grandma? Teacher? You name it, they would love this. My son is a culinary student and loves this pan for so many things, not just pizza. He has been using it for steak and many other things, seasoning it and using it over and over again as a daily pan.

Count this Cast Iron in on your gift list a few times and you won't go wrong! I have two of theses to give away this season to 2 lucky readers so make sure you enter on the HGG Giveaway page!

You can Purchase this amazing Cast Iron Pizza Pan HERE

Tie Rack

I know any of the Men in my life would surely enjoy this gift. This Tie Rack holds Ties or Belts and is motorized and you just let it spin around while you choose which one you need for the day. This would be perfect fro the professional Man in your life, a Teacher, Pastor or anyone who wears Ties or Belts. I know My Husband has a ton or both and would love this so that he could easily make his choice.

This Tie Rack is not only affordable, but ingenious and really would be a great gift.

This holds   Ties or Belts, so plenty of room for both on here.

No need to overthink what to get Dad this year!

Why get the Men in your life another Tie when you can get them a Tie rack so they can actually organize all those ties they already have? 

I have 2 of these to give away , so make sure to visit the HGG Giveaway page to get your Entries in!

You can purchase this Tie Rack HERE

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