A Passion forgotten, until you realize why : The Wildfires of East Tennessee

4:45 PM

As it sit here in my warm home, with my cute Christmas LuLaRoe leggings and my Red Sweater and Boots which I was so excited to wear today on Dec 1, to officially get me in the Holiday Spirit, plus I knew I would look cute and be comfortable too, working on my Holiday Gift guide, setting my Light Box up just right to get just the perfect pictures, , which I am so very passionate about, the words were just not flowing like normal.  I could not understand why the words were stuck somewhere in this ever moving mind of mine.  Had I lost my mojo to write? Was this what they call Writer's Block? It couldn't be, this literally had to go live tonight with 5 products per day added over the next 10 days.

   Then I realized. I had not lost my ability to write, but right now my ability to write was based on my passion on what I was writing.  What I was passionate about was what my community was going through right now. East Tennessee has been hit with devastation like we have not experienced in over 100 years. Longer than anyone reading this has lived would be my guess. I knew right then, that what I needed, what I had to write about, to get the words flowing, was the thing , the disasters, that were consuming me since late Sunday night.

   You see, Sunday a few small Wildfires had popped up, but they were not reporting them as anything major, or any immediate danger to anyone really. It was under control at that point. I told my husband that I had a feeling that something bad was going to happen, something I just could not wrap my thoughts around. Was it something to do with my home-life I wondered? I didn't have that kind of feeling though, it was more of a doom feeling. A feeling that something major was going to happen. My husband said my imagination was running wild on me and made a few jokes about the "Stucco" in my brain ( What we jokingly refer to the concrete they built in my brain to replace the bone they had to remove to safely remove as much of my Brain Tumor as they could)

    Monday morning I woke up, the day started off as crazy as any typical Monday except if possible, even more hectic than normal. Kids not getting up when told, racing out the door to take one kid to school so they were both not late, then running back to get the other one , who would be late. I had not turned on the news, or barely even had a chance to scroll Facebook like I normally do each morning with my morning Cup of Joe. After being up almost 4 hours at 9:30 am, I finally had a chance to grab my 3rd cup of Coffee and sit down with the sole purpose of seeing what was going on in the world.

  I saw Crime, I saw Murder, I saw Fire...lots of fire..but still not anything yet that anyone expected to end like it has.  So my next post will be a long one ( Other than my Holiday Gift Guide) because I am going to walk you all through this horrible tragedy that has struck East Tennessee since Monday.

  I am sure you have seen pictures, heard numerous News Reports, saw thousands of Facebook post and even heard a few people who were directly affected, talking about the devastation and the loss of their dreams. What you are going to hear and see from me, will be actual events as time passed. You will see pictures from Residents who lost everything. Business that have stood throughout the years that were staples of the Community serving people for decades. You will see two little girls and their Mother, whom no one has spoken to since 8:30 pm Monday night and a Father and brother who are beyond devastated and still praying for a miracle. A child's Teddy Bear in the road, which gave them hope that they escaped from the house, yet no other clues, no sightings, only words or prayer and sympathy from millions around the world.

You will see how an entire State has come together to live up to it's name as "The Volunteer State" .

This won't be your typical News report, nor will it be any one specific story. You may see and hear things here that you heard bits and pieces of from others. You may see pictures of a special place that you remembered from a long ago trip to our Great Mountains. You will hear first hand from those who no longer have a job only 3 weeks before Christmas. You will hear stories from people, good down home Mountain People who lived in their homes for many years that was passed down through generations, and others who were already living paycheck to paycheck to keep their families afloat.

So when it's ready, make sure you have a Pot of Coffee on, a Mug of Cocoa, a Soda, and snacks at hand, and don't forget the tissues, because you are going to need them. This story will take you in to the depths of the heart of Gatlinburg and The Great Smoky Mountains and our people and how their lives have been forever affected.

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