Papa Murphy’s BBQ Chicken Pizza is A-MAZ-ING

11:59 AM

Papa Murphys Holdings, Inc.

With the recent additions of 2 little one's to our family, creating an entirely new dinner routine has become something of a chore. With little sleep, and what seems like less time in my day, I still have to find a way to serve a delicious and nutritious meal to my now 6 kids . I am a big fan of summer time, because BBQ just seems like the perfect summertime meal, especially if you know how much BBQ is a part of life here in the South in Tennessee. When Papa Murphy's came out with  the awesome new BBQ Pizza's, it was like a dream come true, quiet literally for us at that time.

   The one thing that really makes this Pizza stand out? This new BBQ Pizza's from Papa Murphy's features their exclusive KC Masterpiece® with your choice of Chicken, Angus Steak or Pork Sausage. The limited-time offering pizzas start with thin crust, scratch-made dough, featuring sweet and smoky KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce and are topped with generous portions of 100 percent whole-milk mozzarella cheese,grated in-store daily with customers’ choice of chicken, steak or pork sausage.       

I've always been a big fan of Papa Murphy's since they first came to Knoxville. We are a busy family with 7 children, which all but 4 have now moved on and out, but imagine 7 kids , all with different after-school activities and us with a full time job running our business. Pap Murphy's became a favorite option for us because of the fresh ingredients, and the affordability to feed 9 people all the while feeling like we were sitting down to a piping hot family meal.   

Papa Murphy's convenient fresh-made, ready-to-bake BBQ pizzas are so easy, families can bake or grill in less than 20 minutes. These new BBQ pizzas deliver great barbecue flavor through the fresh-made-daily dough, fresh grated cheese and quality topping ingredients and you get it all at an affordable price.

So, how do they actually taste? AMAZING! Keep in mind you can also customize these Pizza's to fit your taste buds. I actually have picky eaters who will not eat Onions, so on one of our new BBQ Pizza's, we chose to leave off the onions. These were a huge hit with my crew, especially one of our newest family members, a 3 year old very picky eater. Next time though, I really want to try these on the grill, and yes, there for sure will be a next time.

Available at over 600 locations nationwide, the Papa Murphy’s BBQ Chicken Pizza with KC Masterpiece Sauce fits perfectly into your summertime dinner routine or for entertaining guests. To enjoy the great taste of Papa Murphy’s new BBQ pizzas, Papa Murphy’s Corporate Chef Michael Miyahara suggests pre-heating the backyard grill to 375-400 degrees and grilling for approximately 20-30 minutes. For an indoor option, he recommends baking to perfection in a 425 degree oven for 12-18 minutes.

These amazing Pizza's are not available in all locations, so be sure to call ahead and ask about them when placing your order. They are available at over 600 locations nationwide though, so a good chance they are available at a location close to you.

So, if you want that sit down family time meal, without having to work for an hour, grab a Papa Murphy's BBQ pizza, and while it's heating up in the oven, you can talk to your family about their day and then you can enjoy a hot meal without all the work that your family will all love. 

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